Ellen Espelund is a conceptual & visual artist born in Oslo, Norway in 1973. She’s currently based in Oslo. Exhibition debut in Brooklyn, NYC in 2011, but has been part of the art scene more or less since returning to art fully in 2005. Exhibited 4 times in total in New York so far, at 5 different locations from 2011 and forward. Latest: Exhibited at SCOPE Miami coinciding with Art Basel Miami, December 2013. Mediums: Photography, painting, installations, video, video-performance, sculpture, sound, poetry, digital graphics. No limitations and constantly intermixing media where the objects placed into the art is as much the art as the photo or installation itself. The thoughts and ideas behind why she paints the way she does is as much the art as the final painting. Exploring: Questions related to love, losses, the self, authenticity and presence. Is both subject and object in her own projects, but refuse the term biographical as that would limit what she really explores behind that.

The New Face of Berlin, 2010

Title: The New Face of Berlin | Year: 2010 | Media: Colored B&W Digital Photo

“Life can only be measured in moments, not time…” -Ellen Espelund