In collaboration with the Times Square Alliance and Artists Wanted, nonprofit arts organization Chashama has designed an exhibition of artist’s works to be displayed on the screens of the busiest area of New York City.”

Artists who will be featured include Ellen Espelund, Tokio Kuniyoshi, Mehriban Efendi, and Rozita Fogelman. Artists come from all areas of the world and artworks range from photography to painting to digital works. This collaboration is one that is sure to bring the most exciting works of art to the world stage.”

Right now Espelund is working on multiple things. “One of these projects, the one I’m working most intensely on right now, is about death, but not in the way most people would associate when they hear that word,” she says. “Like in my other projects this one is also connected to the authenticity in how we live our lives, and the way we dare or not to go our own way, to realize our dreams. It’s connected to the joy of living.”

Check out some examples of Espelund’s work after the jump and look for way more from her in the future.

She often works in similar ways that photographers in the past did except having the advantage of digital cameras and computer, but there is no use of advanced photographic lighting or expensive editing programs and cameras in her studio, because as she says: “100 years ago, they could also make great pictures without the sophisticated equipment available to buy today,” A majority of her work falls into the category of staged photography where the model appears as an actor. She often adds items or other to the costume that has a special meaning, a story behind. The way she gives so much of herself in a photographic project both personally and practically makes her at times not to touch her camera equipment at all. In those periods, she paints and writes…